Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Ah Ma Can Cook 阿嫲来做饭 - EP13

Channel 8 - Ah Ma Can Cook 阿嫲来做饭
6 December 2017

Champion Ah Ma is here today ! 81 - year - old Mdm Ong is the winner of our "Ah Ma Can Cook" competition . She'll be demonstrating her specialty - Yam tapioca kueh , a dish she modified from Hakka yam abacus seeds . After 12 episodes of trainings and practices , host Kym Ng has leveled up her culinary skills . Can she win this last round ? Guest artiste of the week is "Ah Boy" Wang Weiliang . 超可爱的"冠军阿嬷"来咯!今天的主角是从《阿嬷来做饭》招募活动中,脱颖而出的民间阿嬷食神–王锦凤。81岁的她,要传授的是她参赛的菜肴"芋头木薯粉"。这道菜也是她自创的料理,深受名厨们的好评哦!而最后一集的男嘉宾是堪称"师奶杀手"的人气Ah Boy王伟良。阿姐钟琴对上阿Boy伟良,谁能虏获阿嬷的心呢?

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Ah Ma Can Cook 阿嫲来做饭 - EP12

Channel 8 - Ah Ma Can Cook 阿嫲来做饭
29 November 2017

Oh no , we have two Ah Mas today - 77 - year - old Mdm Soh and her 53 - year - old daughter Kim . Both of them are good cooks , Mdm Soh specialises in traditional Henghua dishes , while Kim is best at cooking Italian food . Which Ah Ma will Kym Ng and Lee Teng learn from ? Stay tuned to find out ! 今天竟然出现两位阿嬷?77岁的苏女士和53岁的女儿Kim都是阿嬷,苏女士擅长煮传统菜和兴化料里,Kim则喜欢煮西餐,拿手料里是意大利面和提拉米苏。究竟钟琴和李腾要向哪一位阿嬷拜师学煮?获封"四届冠军"的 钟琴能否再度打败对手呢?

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Ah Ma Can Cook 阿嫲来做饭 - EP11

Channel 8 - Ah Ma Can Cook 阿嫲来做饭
22 November 2017

Here comes a new challenger ! Chen Hanwei vs Kym Ng , guess who cooks better ? Ah Ma of the week is 80 - year - old Agnes . She has been cooking since 8 years old and still has a strong passion for it until today , actively participating in cooking interest groups . The dish she's demonstrating in this episode is her own creation "Golden flowers" . 本集节目邀请到80岁的烹饪高手黄霭棠。她8岁就是小当家,煮了70多年,对烹饪的热情未减。她将传授的是创意菜肴"金花朵朵"。气势如虹的综艺阿姐钟琴,这集将对上戏剧阿哥陈汉玮。为获得"四届冠军"的头衔,钟琴的pattern越变越多,光是买材料,就花招百出、频频陷害汉玮。不过阿哥也非省油的灯,想知道俩人会想出什么招数,出奇制胜?那就记得要锁定节目咯!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Ah Ma Can Cook 阿嫲来做饭 - EP10

Channel 8 - Ah Ma Can Cook 阿嫲来做饭
15 November 2017

Sawadeeka ! This week we have Ah Ma Susan teaching her specialty - Thai green curry ! The 68 - year - old Ah Ma resided in Thailand before where she learnt how to cook traditional Thai dishes from the locals . Host Kym Ng battles with Dennis Chew to master this dish . The duo bickers from Thai supermarket all the way to the kitchen . Watch to find out who cooks better ! 68岁阿嬷曾梅英,走到哪、煮到哪,曾在德国、韩国、泰国等地学习烹饪,因此精通多国料理。本集节目,她要传授的菜肴是泰国青咖喱。主持人钟琴将对上另一位烹饪菜鸟周崇庆,她是否能再次打败对手,取得胜利呢?

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Ah Ma Can Cook 阿嫲来做饭 - EP9

Channel 8 - Ah Ma Can Cook 阿嫲来做饭
8 November 2017

80 - year - old Peranakan Ah Ma Mary is here to share her secret to make delicious Babi Pongteh - A signature Peranakan dish that every Baba Nyonya family cooks . Though Mary only started cooking after she retired , her passion for cooking motivated her to write her own cookbook , and even Chef Eric Teo is impressed by her ! In this episode , host Kym Ng pairs with Chua En Lai to learn from Ah Ma Mary . “小娘惹”月娘驾到!80岁的余月娘热爱烹饪,今年还自掏腰包推出自己的食谱。这次主持人钟琴将搭配烹饪菜鸟蔡恩来向阿嬷学煮传统娘惹菜–香菇豆酱焖猪肉。已经连输6集的钟琴,决定出招对抗恩来,她是否能扭转运势,拿下一局呢?

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Ah Ma Can Cook 阿嫲来做饭 - EP8

Channel 8 - Ah Ma Can Cook 阿嫲来做饭
1 November 2017

Cavin Soh returns to challenge Kym Ng ! Both of them have to learn from OCD Ah Ma , who has stringent hygiene and cleanliness requirements . And no more "agaration" too ! Ah Ma measures all her ingredients and insists both Kym and Cavin to follow suit . Can the duo live up to Ah Ma's high expectations ? Will Kym be able to win Cavin this time round , and prove her culinary skills ? 苏梽诚二度挑战《阿嬷来做饭》,与主持人钟琴PK厨艺。这一次,俩人要跟气质阿嬷学做菜。没想到原本和蔼可亲的阿嬷,一进厨房,就变严师,紧盯着两位学徒的一举一动。每一个步骤都必须让她检查,经过她点头,才能过关。而阿嬷的厨艺了得,名厨Chef Pung也称赞,她要传授的传统菜 — 福建面线糕,在市面上并不常见,想知道怎么做,就一定要收看节目!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Ah Ma Can Cook 阿嫲来做饭 - EP7

Channel 8 - Ah Ma Can Cook 阿嫲来做饭
25 October 2017

This week we have "Burning Chef" Bee Leng on the show . The 66 - year - old food lover and blogger has uploaded over 100 recipes in her website , teaching not just the how's but also the why's behind each recipe . Having travelled and stayed in different countries , she has mastered a wide variety of delicacies . In this episode , she will demonstrate her Mexican Rice & Beef Stew . Can host Kym Ng and hunky duke Desmond Tan grasp the techniques and skills of cooking Mexican cuisine ? 摩登阿嬷来做饭,教大家煮墨西哥料理!66岁的美食爱好者董美玲,曾在美国、英国、西班牙、泰国等地居住,让她精通各国好料理。退休后,她开始经营部落格,分享自己的食谱,跃升为“网红”。这次,她将在节目中示范墨西哥佳肴。两位学徒钟琴和陈泂江虽然经常下厨,但只会煮中餐的俩人,是否能驾驭这两道异国料理呢?