Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Ah Ma Can Cook 阿嫲来做饭 - EP5

Channel 8 - Ah Ma Can Cook 阿嫲来做饭
11 October 2017

Who says vegetarian food are plain and boring ? 70 - year - old Ah Ma Chen En Jiao became a vegetarian 2 years ago under the influence of her daughter . In this episode , she'll be demonstrating her vegetarian mutton curry . Will meat - lovers Kym Ng and Cavin Soh be able to master the dish ? Whose curry will be closest to Ah Ma's ? The final decision lies with Ah Ma and her family , as well as curry - expert Chef Charlie . 70岁阿嬷陈恩娇因受到女儿影响,两年前开始吃素。热爱烹饪的她,也研究出一些老少咸宜的家常素菜食谱。本集节目,她将传授素羊肉咖喱的做法给主持人钟琴和男嘉宾苏梽诚。不过,阿嬷一见到两位艺人就开骂,接着进厨房,连名厨Chef Charlie都难逃挨骂的“厄运”。究竟发生了什么事?!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Ah Ma Can Cook 阿嫲来做饭 - EP4

Channel 8 - Ah Ma Can Cook 阿嫲来做饭
4 October 2017

Host Kym Ng pairs up with Bryan Wong to learn how to make traditional rice dumplings from 68 - year - old Ah Ma Mdm Koh . Mdm Koh has been making at least 200 dumplings per year , since the tender age of 5 ! It was also during the long , hard hours in the family kitchen that her own love for cooking grew . Can the duo master Ah Ma's recipe successfully ? “最佳拍档”钟琴和王禄江再次碰头,要跟68岁的阿嬷许碧香拜师学煮。厨艺精湛的王禄江,创意点子多,第一次做肉粽,就擅自加了许多材料,让阿嬷和名厨Eric Neo都赞赏不已。昔日“最佳拍档”这次沦为竞争对手,俩人会携手合作,还是各留一手、明争暗斗呢?

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Ah Ma Can Cook 阿嫲来做饭 - EP3

Channel 8 - Ah Ma Can Cook 阿嫲来做饭
27 September 2017

Is Yong Tau Foo your favourite hawker dish ? 65 - year - old Hakka Yong Tau Foo stall owner Nancy is here to teach us the easiest and most efficient way to master this dish ! Host Kym Ng learns the steps quickly , while amateur cook Desmond Ng encounters difficulties and accidentally cuts his own finger while slicing ingredients ! Will he be able to complete the dish in time for food tasting session ? 婚前完全不会下厨,结果婚后遭婆家嫌弃!陈元蓉因此发奋学煮,练就一身好手艺,还当起了小贩,一做就做了30多年。65岁的她,已到了退休年龄,却为了要照顾弱智的养女,不得不继续忙碌赚钱,目前在荷兰通道的熟悉中心卖客家酿豆腐,每天凌晨1点就要开始备菜。客家酿豆腐的步骤看似简单,但制作馅料和酿入馅料的过程,仍十分讲究技巧。主持人钟琴和男嘉宾黄振隆是否能顺利完成这道菜呢?

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Ah Ma Can Cook 阿嫲来做饭 - EP2

Channel 8 - Ah Ma Can Cook 阿嫲来做饭
20 September 2017

Always wanted to know where to get the best Kuehs in Singapore ? Do it yourself ! 77 - year - old Ah Ma , Mdm Chan Kieu , has been making Kuehs for her family for over 50 years . The grandmother of nine is also an NParks Community in Bloom Ambassador , she has been applying her gardening skills as a passionate and dedicated volunteer for 11 years . In this episode , she will demonstrate her Soon Kueh and Chives Kueh , while host Kym Ng and artiste Elvin Ng observe and learn from scratch . The duo fumbles in the kitchen as they tried their best to follow Ah Ma's steps . Will they be able to wrap the Kuehs as nicely as Ah Ma ? 好吃又传统的笋粿和韭菜粿,哪里买?不如让阿嬷教你怎么做!77岁的陈娇阿嬷,12岁就开始“走荡江湖”,当过红头巾,也曾在街边卖吃,赚取生活费。婚后,她以农耕为生,渐渐地喜欢上园艺和烹饪。全家人最爱吃的就是她做的笋粿和韭菜粿。而这次,她要把多年的手艺,传授给主持人钟琴和戏剧阿哥黄俊雄。俩人是否能顺利做好传统粿?爱吃但不会煮的黄俊雄,连基本食材都搞不清楚,他又将如何面对这次的烹饪挑战呢?

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Ah Ma Can Cook 阿嫲来做饭 - EP1

Channel 8 - Ah Ma Can Cook 阿嫲来做饭
13 September 2017

Grandma's treasured recipes are no longer a secret ! In this first episode , 76 - year - old Ah Ma , Swee Choo (Arigatou) , will share her Popiah and Tapioca Cake recipes . Watch closely as she showcases her knife skills , cooking techniques and measuring her ingredients with "agaration" ! Host Kym Ng pairs up with Ben Yeo to learn these 2 dishes from Ah Ma . Who will whip up dishes closest to Ah Ma's original taste ? Who will be Ah Ma's successor for the week ? The decision lies with Ah Ma and her family , as well as the professional Chef Eric Teo ! 你是否还记得阿嬷做的菜?味道浓郁、香溢扑鼻的传统古早味,你最喜欢哪一道呢?首集节目邀请了76岁的“快刀手”阿嬷林瑞珠(Arigatou),教大家做传统薄饼和木薯糕。主持人钟琴将搭配男嘉宾杨志龙一起跟阿嬷学做菜,两位艺人厨艺都不错,究竟谁能烹调出阿嬷的味道呢?过程中,名厨Chef Eric也会在旁观看,当专业名厨碰上传统阿嬷,又会擦出什么样的火花呢?